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The Right Products, Built Right.

NX Pro uses a whole global delivery network and broad domain capability to help any type of business achieve fast and bearable cost savings, improve cash flow and drive top-line growth.

We check, design & shape your business for tomorrow’s success today. Things have changed quickly since we launched nearly 20 years ago, but here’s what’s remained the same: Determined businesses succeed by bringing transformative digital experiences to clients. We are the partner you can count on for Result-oriented digital products & platforms.


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Next Generation Professionals Company wants to be the first choice of the clients and to be known as a trustworthy website and software solutions provider from India and California serving the needs of enterprises in Health care, CMS, Analytics, e-Commerce and other businesses and verticals. Next Generation Professionals Company (NX PRO) is a global software solutions provider that enhances value by Using cutting-edge technologies and experience to boost the end-to-end enterprise’s strategic growth and competitiveness.

Design the Right Experiences

We deal an extraordinarily productive fusion of business and technological skills which when merged with professional project management provides to significant cost savings and business productivities.

Build the Accurate Products

While we excelled at making user engagement through eye-catching design, we were also increasingly involved in the development of online products and platforms. We Invented NX Pro Health Software and Godspeed because we felt businesses would succeed with more reliable, tailored digital communications offerings. NX Pro Health allow laboratories to manage the user or patient data in a single software. Godspeed is Gym software which is allow the instructor and user to manage the daily Gym activities and task.

Raise with the Right Clients

Through the mid-2020s, NX Pro company extended to a point where we were helping thousands of customers worldwide, so we started building our own campus in Chandigarh in 1998. Because we raised along with the internet, we always identified customer experience had to be at the core of the digital products and boards we design and build.

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